Contributor Guid

There are plenty of ways to give something back to the open source community. Following you find a couple of them for JSXC and no matter which you choose, we appreciate every help.

Report a bug

You found a bug in a stable release of JSXC? Please open a new issue for it on our issue tracker. You want to minimize the number of bugs in stable releases? Just watch our repository or follow us on twitter to receive notifications about new prereleases.

Please provide the following points in your issue: - Which jsxc version number do you use? - In which system do you use jsxc? (e.g. nextcloud, sogo, …) - Can you reproduce your issue? If yes, how? - Which browser and browser version do you use? - Do you have any browser plugins enabled? - Do you see any errors in your javascript console (ctrl+shift+I)? - Which messages appear in your javascript console if you enable debugging? - Do you have any related entries in your XMPP server log or your host system (e.g. nextcloud, sogo, …)?

Contribute code

You find detailed information in our developer notes, but the following steps describes the general process.

  1. Fork the corresponding repository
  2. Create a local branch for your fix
  3. Commit your changes and push your created branch to your fork
  4. Open a new pull request into our master branch

A good way to get familiar with JSXC to work on a starter issue.

Translate JSXC into your language

JSXC is currently translated into 13 languages and we are always looking for new translators, which add new or complete existing languages. Interested? Request an invitation.


You like JSXC and you have a blog? It would be great if you could write a small post about JSXC.