Developer notes

Get code

Please execute the following commands to get a copy of the code:


git clone


git clone
# and/or
git clone
# and/or
git clone

Install yarn

We use yarn as our package manager. Please follow there docs to install it.


We used npm and grunt in the passed to concatenate, convert, and validate our source files. It’s likely that you still find it at some places.

First install all dependencies with yarn install. To build the project, just run yarn start in its top-level directory. If you like to start a development server and watch all files for changes, some project offer you yarn dev.

Now you are ready for development.


  • run yarn watch in the project root folder
  • make your modifications in src/ and scss/
  • check your results on example/index.html
  • git add ...
  • git commit (should run our pre-commit hook)
  • git push


Yarn commands

A few helpful yarn commands you should know to simplify your life.

  • start create a production ready build
  • watch create a development build and rerun on file changes
  • dev similar to watch, but it will start a development server
  • fix beautifies all files and makes sure the pre-commit hook is satisfied

To run a command, execute yarn COMMAND.

Core Structure



Open your Javascript console (e.g. ctrl+shift+I) and enter‘debug’, true) to obtain debug messages.


We use to organize our translations and wti to synchronise those.