JSXC for Ilias


The Ilias version of JSXC is currently unmaintained.

Get the code

Packed version

Download the latest version from releases <https://github.com/jsxc/jsxc.ilias/releases> and extract it to ILIAS_DIR/Customizing/global/plugins/Services/UIComponent/UserInterfaceHook/.

Development version

cd ILIAS_DIR/Customizing/global/plugins/Services/UIComponent/UserInterfaceHook/ git clone https://github.com/sualko/jsxc.ilias ijsxc cd ijsxc git submodule update –init –recursive


Rename config.inc.php.sample to config.inc.php and adjust the values for XMPP server, BOSH url and XMPP domain and the values for WebRTC.