JSXC for Nextcloud


JSXC assumes that you are using the same credentials for your Nextcloud and XMPP server.



Get it

Go to your app store and enable the JavaScript XMPP Client.

Configure it

Go to the Nextcloud admin page:

The URL to your bosh server (e.g. /http-bind/). Please be aware of the same-origin-policy. If your XMPP server doesn’t reside on the same host as your OwnCloud, use the Apache ProxyRequest as described in our prepare Apache guide.
XMPP domain
The domain of your Jabber ID.
XMPP resource
The resource of your JID. If you leaf this field blank a random resource is generated.
TURN url
The url to your TURN server. You get a free account on http://numb.viagenie.ca
TURN username
If no username is set, the TURN REST API is used.
TURN credential
If no credential is set, the TURN REST API is used.</dd>
TURN secret
Secret for TURN REST API.
TURN ttl
Lifetime of credentials.

Internal JSXC XMPP server

OJSXC implements a minimal XMPP server, just enough such that JSXC works. It is meant as a starting point, as long as you only run JSXC on Nextcloud. As soon as you require more features (external clients, server-to-server communications, …) you should install a full-fledged XMPP server (they are pretty easy to install).